Press conference of Human Rights Centre on legal problems of victims of medical services

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Om March 1 at 11:30, HRC will present the analytical document at the press conference: “Analysis of Legal Issues Victims of Medical Services Face“. The victims’ assignees will also attend the press conference.

Throughout the course of several years, Human Rights Center provides free legal aid to victims of medical services. The analytical document reviews significant legal problems issues related with the medical services. 

According to the analysis of the legal cases processed by HRC, there were frequent cases of mortality of patients as a result of elementary surgery operations such as the removal of the gallbladder or gland surgery. Furthermore, medical errors by medical staff are not proportionally sanctioned by the Professional Development Board. In such cases, the professional liability of the physicians is usually limited to written reprimands or suspension of license for 3 months. The above issue may promote incompetent attitudes among the medical staff, on the one hand, and carry risks for the lives of patients, on the other hand.

In the cases when the patients’ rights are violated due to medical errors made during the medical service, the stage of investigation is procrastinated and preparing the opinion of the forensic medical examination takes several years, and the rights enshrined in the Constitution of Georgia and in the European Convention on Human Rights are violated. 

HRC believes that a wide range of systemic reforms are needed to solve the above problems.
Human Rights Center 

Venue of the press conference: Conference room of Human Rights House Tbilisi, Akaki Gakhokidze St. 11a, Zero floor. 

The Analytical Document was prepared with the financial support of the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED).