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Some violations were identified in the case of a young woman deceased under  coronavirus diagnosis

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Significant violations were revealed in the case of 19 years old Tekla Tordia deceased because of coronavirus diagnosis. HRC protects the interests of the family of the deceased.

19 years old Tekla Tordia died because of coronavirus diagnosis in “German Hospital” in Tbilisi on November 29, 2020. It was impossible to save the patient’s life because of late hospitalization.

HRC applied to the Prosecutor’s Office of Tbilisi and Medical and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency regarding Tekla Tordia’s case. The Regulatory Agency had already started  inquiries, but parents of the deceased had not received the information about the identified violations and failures before  HRC got involved. 

According to the information of Medical and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, 10 kinds of violations and failures were identified in case of Tekla Tordia.  According to the conclusion of the reviewer-infectologists, in the first week of the disease, when the virus was in a replication phase, it was possible to forecast the acute progression of the infectious process through assessing the objective clinical and laboratory data.   It was also important to assess quickly the issue of type 1 (achrestic) diabetes. It was written in the conclusion that the problem of timely, critical, complete assessment of all parameters and data and that of the rapid hospitalization was due to a tough epidemiological situation and organizational difficulties.
According to the information received from the Agency, we find out that the requirements of the Orders approved by the Minister of Health have been violated. However, the authors of the respective medical report notwithstanding the violations reflected and identified in their conclusion, just admit vaguely  with a single sentence that “the organizational problems  existing in connection with the hospitalization of the patient, have not impacted the outcome.” Stating such a position is rather alarming and this raises questions  about the biased actions on the part of the authors of the report. 

According to the information of Medical and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, the issue of the professional responsibility of two doctors is being considered in regard to Tekla Tordia’s death. 

At this stage the Ministry of Health has not provided any information to HRC regarding the question: whether there were available any free beds all over Georgia necessary for the hospitalization of Tekla Tordia because of deterioration of her health. 

HRC calls on the Ministry of Health to study promptly and objectively the case of Tekla Tordia   dead from coronavirus, and to provide her family with timely and exhaustive information concerning all questions. 

HRC calls on the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out respective investigative actions in an objective and timely manner.  
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