Assessments by Human Rights Center were reflected in the Report of the US Department of State

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On March 30, the annual report of the United States Department of State was published. The document assesses the human rights situation in Georgia in 2020 and the challenges in this regard.

The report details the human rights challenges in the country over the past year. Among the most acute problems are the independence of the judiciary, including: Arrests, politicization of investigations and prosecutions, practices of unlawful interference with privacy, limited respect for the right of assembly and association, and various forms of violent crimes or threats against LGBT community.

The U.S. Department of State, like in the previous year, in assessing the criminal proceedings that began in connection with the events of June 20-21, 2019, relies on a report prepared by Human Rights Center discussing the legitimacy and proportionality of the decision to disperse the rally; the criminal prosecution of persons involved in the events and the practice of hearing the cases of these persons in the courts; application of remand in custody and judgments of convictions; instances of interference in the implementation of journalistic activities; issues of refusing the status of victim; issues of physical and verbal abuse, ill-treatment by law enforcement officers and refusal of an effective and impartial investigation by the State; unlawful detentions, excessive use of force by the police and freedom of assembly. 

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