State of Human Rights in Georgia, 2023

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On January 26th, the Human Rights Center released an annual report - "State of Human Rights in Georgia, 2023." This report examines crucial legal and political issues that have significantly impacted the standards of human rights protection within the country. It draws upon the findings and evaluations of the Human Rights Center, the Public Defender of Georgia, as well as various local and international organizations.

The report extensively covers key facets of human rights, encompassing the justice system, the right to equality, freedom of expression, and more. It examines legal circumstances surrounding children, women, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBT+ community, internally displaced persons, homeless and elderly individuals, as well as national and religious minorities.
Throughout 2023, concerns were raised due to: crimes committed by Russian occupation forces near the administrative borders; violations of freedom of assembly and manifestation observed at specific demonstrations; some legislative initiatives, etc.

The report delves into challenges faced by representatives of civil society organizations during the year, it also spotlights the high profile cases throughout the year. Particular attention is given to the evolving relationship between Georgia and the European Union, including granting the candidate status to Georgia with the reservation that the country will take further steps in different directions. So that as a result of carrying out relevant reforms, the country receives the status of a member state of the European Union.

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