Presentation Summary Report on MONITORING PUBLIC ASSEMBLIES

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On January 22, the Human Rights Center (HRC) will publicly release its Summary Report on Monitoring Public Assemblies, shedding light on human rights violations and key challenges identified during the monitoring of public assemblies in 2023. This assessment was made possible with the support of the European Union, as part of the project “Strengthening Monitoring and Advocacy Capacities for Rights in Georgia”.

The Summary Report dives into various aspects of the observed public assemblies, providing an insightful overview of breaches of domestic legislation and non-compliance with international standards. Specific areas covered include the use of special means during assembly dispersals, rights violations of administratively detained individuals, the prohibition of setting up protest tents, mobilization of an excessive number of unidentified policemen, and concerns regarding the physical security of assembly participants.

The primary purpose of the Report is to provide an overview of violations pertaining to the freedom of peaceful assembly. Legal assessments of these violations and analyses of their alignment with international standards are crucial components of this effort.

The Human Rights Center has also developed recommendations for the Parliament of Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Special Investigation Service to ensure effective protection of the right to peaceful assembly.

The presentation of the Summary Report will be held in Tbilisi, 11a Akaki Gakhokidze Street, ground floor.

For media inquiries, please contact – Tamar Tordinava, PR Manager: +995 599 877 810